Cold Fusion Inventions: How Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi Met and Started Working Together

University of Bologna professor Sergio Focardi was doing research on Nickel-Hydrogen reactors when Andrea Rossi found him. An Italian inventor, Rossi has spent months working in a lab on his Energy Catalyst—known as E-Cat—which can produce up to 15,000 watts with only 400 watts required to run.

A new discovery
Andrea Rossi discovered his Cold Fusion process while researching methods of obtaining fuel through heating hydrogen and carbon dioxide. In doing so, he noticed the device was creating energy and began to look into generating energy from the device. In the meantime, Focardi was researching Nickel-Hydrogen reactors, making him an ideal partner for Rossi’s new work.
According to Focardi, the E-Cat works by heating elements inside a reactor to 60 to 70 degrees Celsius, which accomplishes thermal energy production. The heat is only applied until a reaction is achieved, accounting for the low amount of energy required for the reactor to operate. Focardi, a professor emeritus, partnered with Rossi and has been assisting him with his research in Sweden.
Also helping Rossi and Focardi are physicists Dr. David Bianchini and Dr. Giuseppi Levi, both also at the University of Bologna. The group of scientists demonstrated the device earlier this year and have since reported the E-Cat has consistently generated energy in tests.

A patented product
The E-Cat has already received an Italian patent, while American and European patents are in progress. With just a flick of the switch, the Energy Catalyzer comes to life, powering everything from Rossi’s lab to large-scale power plants. This cutting-edge invention has caused a stir in the scientific community, introducing Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) as an alternative energy resource for the first time in years.
Rossi spends most days in his lab, diligently testing and bettering his Cold Fusion process. Plans to ship the E-Cat out are currently underway, with first deployment scheduled for later this year. At that point, testing will be done by customers, who will be replacing current energy sources with Andrea Rossi’s and Sergio Focardi’s LENR energy. From there, the E-Cat will likely pick up steam, becoming a worldwide alternative fuel source that will change the future of the planet.

The process Rossi and Focardi have developed has the power to transform nearly 300 grams of 68 degree water into enough steam to turn a turbine. 12,400 watts of traditional electricity would be required to accomplish that feat. The vast amounts of coal involved in generating electricity to power our world is financially draining, which makes electricity costly for consumers. Coal Fusion and the E-Cat can not only replace electrity, but gasoline as well. LENR-powered cars could change the automotive industry permanently.
The best thing about Cold Fusion is
its environmental friendliness. Since the process creates no emissions, Cold Fusion is easier on the ozone layer, as well as the human race. Doctors and scientists have long studied the effects of nuclear power plants on the health of citizens living nearby, some even claiming cancer is directly correlated to emissions at these plants. The deadly earthquake and tsunami in Japan last year created a scare at one of Japan’s power plant that reminded everyone how volatile nuclear plants can be. The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station has reportedly been leaking radioactivity since the March 2011 natural disaster, causing an evacuation immediately after the event.

Nuclear power plants are subject to terrorist attacks and natural disasters, along with any other building. Damage to one of these power plants could have deadly repercussions on those in the surrounding areas, and even more widespread damage in the event of a massive catastrophe. Rossi’s and Focardi’s developments can alleviate these dangers, replacing nuclear reactors with reactors that would have no radioactivity to leak in the event of an attack or catastrophe.

Working together, Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi hope to not only change the economic landscape of our planet, but to solve many of the environmental woes that have long been suffered by citizens and scientists. The E-Cat could very well bring much-needed relief to a system that has been criticized for decades, allowing many future generations to enjoy this planet.

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